How Many Characters Should Be on Each Letter?

One of the questions we get asked often is “How long should my handwritten message be?” and the answer is quite simple- less is more.

When we think about how authentic we want to make these letters, we have to consider how much an average person writes on a handwritten card. There are some safe assumptions we can make:

  • Most people write on the bottom half of the fold inside a greeting card.
  • The average size for handwritten font is between 18-36 in font size
  • The average size of a greeting card is 4.25 x 5.5 card

With those three things in mind we would recommend choosing a message between 225-300 characters in length to occupy the whole space. And honestly, the closer you get to the 225 character count, the more it mimics the length of a human written letter.

However, There are some things to consider with character count and message length.

Intended Audience

If you’re dealing with an overall older demographic it would make sense to write fewer words using a bigger font size. Most people over 40 will eventually need readers to read things closer so it’s important to consider your intended audience.

Type of Message

I’m a big fan of brevity over longevity so if you can say something using less words, you should. Especially in the case of asking for a simple request such as writing an online review, you can and should keep it brief.

If you’re communicating an upcoming event or something important with details then it makes sense to include all those details.


We’re one of the few robotic handwriting companies that use AI tools to help craft the length and message for each campaign to ensure the highest impact. We consider your goals and audience to combine that with our experience and used in conjunction with AI writing tools.

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