How to Use Handwritten Cards for Client Win Back Campaigns

What Is A Client Win Back Program And Why You Should Do It?

Just like it sounds, you’re trying to win back a former client or even a dead lead through some deliberate marketing effort.

So why should you try to win back former clients? Simply put, it’s cheaper than going after new clients. In terms of costs, it’s estimated that it’s up to 7x cheaper than trying to acquire a new client. You’re not spending advertising dollars educating them on your company, product, or services. They (most likely) already know what you do, you’re just trying to convince them to come back now.

Which brings me to our next point…

When Should You Try To Win Back Clients?

Much like an ex that you’re trying to win back, you need to be ready to convince them that you’re a new, improved version of yourself. Let’s call this the “Announcement of Change”.

For companies this could mean acknowledging past failures and showing how you’ve addressed those issues. (ie a restaurant that had outrageous wait times and ended up losing customers because it was too hard to get in.)

Or you have a new product or service offering that your former client is unaware of. (ie a water park that added several new rides reaching out to former season pass holders.)

Or some other announcement that could positively affect their life (ie a new location of your business opened up nearby them.)

The point is, you need to clearly point out the benefits to them in why they should come back. Any of these types of changes would prompt a reason to reach back out, re-engage, and hopefully bring them back to your business.

How Should You Try to Win Them Back?

Well…we are a handwriting company so that seems like the obvious choice. Imagine if your ex tried winning you back with an email vs. a letter.

(I’ll let that one sit for a minute.)

In addition to the announcement of change you should also include a call-to-action whether it’s a call, email, or some others means of a response. Depending on the specific goals of bringing clients back we can help formulate the message and response plus the timing and delivery of such message.


Handwritten letters feel more sincere and especially if you’re making a plea for someone to come back. New business and new leads are exciting, but you would be missing a potentially huge opportunity to not attempting to re-engage former clients.

If your business is looking to win back some people, get a free quote by heading over to our Contact page.

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