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Using real ballpoint pens and real human handwriting, you can reach your marketing, sales, or business goals with dynamic handwritten cards. 

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Using AI Tools, our handwriting machines can turn out hundreds of letters each day (or thousands each month) to help you reach your goals faster.

More Leads? Check. Client Win Back? Check. Brand Loyalty? Check.

But does it look real? Much like a human writer, the machines hold a real ballpoint pen, using real ink, and are programmed to include the nuances of human handwriting.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Yes! We have over 12 fonts out of the box and each font has multiple variables of each character.

The font technology automatically randomizes connectors and letter variations. Plus there is the ability to change spacing, size, character limit, and angles- creating a truly authentic letter.

In fact, if we print two letters with the exact same content they would not be identical. Feel free to Request A Free Sample.

Absolutely. The software can input custom variables into letter templates so that each piece is customized to the recipient. Plus, using AI Technology we can go one step further and personalize every single note.

For instance a letter might include:

Hi <First Name>,

Thank you for your generous donation of <Donation Amount> to our organization. We were able to provide <Calculated Amount> more meals this year because of your gift. You’re making a difference in the lives of kids everywhere!

<Organization Name>

With each paid letter you’re getting a handwritten card, envelope, first class stamp, and content strategy.

There are additional add-ons available to boost your campaign.

Some of our clients are online retailers that order cards to insert into shipping orders.

In the event that you don’t need postage on the cards, we can deduct the cost from your order total.

We can offer data lists, expedited service, call tracking, and inserts in each card (business cards, gift cards, coupons, etc.)

Additionally, we have the ability to generate your own handwriting into the software.

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We have a minimum order of 100 letters for any given project.

Yes! We actually can and you would be the only one with exclusivity to use it.

There’s an additional fee to generate your handwriting into the software- please contact us for more info.

Across industries, we have seen this to have an opening rate of 99% which means a higher response rate. 

Plus, who doesn’t love receiving handwritten mail?

Totally! We have our recommendations based on your goals, but we can definitely insert any type of writing pen.

You know that a ghostwriter is a person who will write on your behalf.

GhostHandwriter will handwrite on your behalf 🙂

Why Use Ghosthandwriter?

There are literally so many robotic handwriting companies to choose from, so why should you choose us?

Accuracy, legitimacy, quality, and exceptional customer service.

With believability being the highest goal of an automated handwriting service, you’ll notice the difference when you work with us.


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