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GhostHandwriter is one of the first (if not the first) provider of robotic handwritten cards in Nebraska.

With a background in marketing and technology, we’re able to harness these experiences to pour gasoline on your goals through handwritten cards.

Handwriting on Steroids

The AutoPen was first introduced and used widely by US Presidents to use their signatures and sign documents at scale.

The idea came up that if they could do that with signatures, why not do it for all handwriting using a similar technology? Thus the AI Handwriting Robot Machine was born.

In addition to being able to write simple and static content, these machines come powered with software to enable dynamic content- meaning we can personalize each letter with names, addresses, donation amounts, wedding gifts given, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Why Use GhostHandwriter?

Our use of AI technology and various SaaS products will lead to a seamless client experience, quicker turnaround on projects, and overall just more fun and creativity in every project.

Remarkable Customer Service

We are obsessed with giving you an exceptional experience from beginning to end (and thereafter).

Strategy and Implementation

We implement creative, innovative ways to create data lists, write copy, and more- maximizing your campaign impact.

Campaign Iterations

With results from each campaign, we will continue to hone on the most effective strategies so you won't lose momentum.

Our Mission

Meet the minds shaping your digital business

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