How Did GhostHandwriter Start?

A long time ago I used to own a marketing and web design firm. I made it a point from the beginning to always go the extra effort in client communication.

Part of that meant doing handwritten notes as often as possible. I’ve seen first-hand how effective handwritten cards are compared to other forms of traditional direct mail. The problem is a human hand can only write so much…

Discovering the AI Writing Machine

One night in bed after I had spent a day handwriting over 50 cards and I realized there had to be a better way. A little Google search led me to discovering about AI Handwritten Robot Machines.

I threw the idea out to my older daughters to see if they would be interested in helping me with this business to which they eagerly both agreed. (Truth be told, they’re mostly interested in earning money to put towards their first vehicles.)

Starting a Business From Scratch

They have been alongside every part of the inception of this business and will continue to learn as we grow and expand. You truly are supporting a “family business” when you work with us.

Thanks for joining us on this ride, we can’t wait to work with you!

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