Using Handwritten Cards for Hotels and Resorts

Imagine you’re the general manager of a more prominent hotel in a major city. Your team serves hundreds of people a day or thousands a month.

Much of the reason people choose hotels or resorts is based on their Google reviews or Tripadvisor reviews.

The challenge is ensuring that after people have left your hotel and the vacation glow has left them, they still find time to write a review on their experience.

As it has been proven, people typically write reviews based on a heightened emotional experience- positive or negative. Unfortunately, consumers tend to write negative reviews over positive ones.

In the previous article, they state:

…people are more affected by bad experiences than good ones. Say you found $50 on the street. Your day got a little better, yes? Now imagine you lost $50. This may ruin your whole day and even stay with you throughout the week.

 So, why do we take bad experiences so much more to heart than good ones?

 Our brain. It handles positive experiences in one hemisphere and negative experiences in the other. Due to this separate treatment, negative emotions are processed more thoroughly than positive emotions. We also tend to use stronger words to describe our negative emotions, which in turn makes them seem more dramatic and urgent than our positive emotions.

 Since these negative emotions last longer, inspire a heightened emotional reaction, and are at the forefront of our thoughts, we are way more likely to write a review about this dramatic negative moment than an easily forgotten positive one.

So, with that said, how do hotels and resorts use robotic handwritten card services to get more positive reviews (and minimize negative ones)?

It’s through preemptively handling the issues before they fester and encouraging a positive review that people haven’t been motivated to write.

For instance, can batch letters for your hotel or resort with a weekly send-out schedule. The message might look like:

Hi Cam,

Thanks for staying with us last week! Please consider writing us a TripAdvisor review by scanning the QR code. If we didn’t meet your expectations, I would love the opportunity to discuss it. Please reach me at or (123) 456-7891.

Hotel Manager’s Name

The elements of the message above include:

  • Timeliness
  •  Easy Call-to-Action using a QR Code
  •  Personalized Communication
  •  Option to Address Negative Feedback Constructively

By staying proactive with your reviews, you can maintain a degree of influence on the message people will read about your hotel or resort. If you’re in charge of guest relations or experience at a hotel or resort, email us at to get started!