When is the Best Time to Send a Direct Mail Campaign?

Timing is everything.

If you’re considering sending a direct mail campaign, there’s a science behind the timing, particularly with the first release and any successive follow-ups.

Let’s take a moment to discuss timing for specific industries:

Direct Mail Campaigns for Non-Profits

The peak of the giving season consequently falls around the peak of the buying season: November and December. People feel philanthropic, trying to get their donations in before EOY, and just in a “cash release” mentality. When we do handwritten cards for non-profits, we typically start discussing strategy around October and finalize the campaign by the beginning of November.

Some clients prefer that as soon as we finish our part of the handwritten campaign, we ship the entire batch of cards over to them so they can:

  1. Send it and have it postmarked by their local post office.
  2. Deliver it in incremental batches based on a strategy we devise mutually.

Nevertheless, if you’re a non-profit, you should start thinking about your direct mail campaign around September so you can give yourself time to decide on a strategy and gather your contact list.

Direct Mail Campaigns for Politicians or Political Consultants

Taco Tuesday, anyone? We are in a heavy season for political campaigns, and our robotic handwritten cards have come in handy for several of our clients.

Tuesday is typically “voting day” for every level of elections, so a last-minute campaign could be timed to be shipped by Thursday or Friday of the previous week and received by Monday (at the latest) of the following week.

Other clients have used our robotic handwriting services as part of a drip strategy for various campaigning methods, including a touch point after door knocking, inviting constituents to a town hall, or thanking campaign volunteers.

Handwritten cards have endless potential for politicians and tertiary businesses.

Direct Mail Campaigns for Landscapers

When it comes to using handwritten cards for landscape companies, we have considered a lot of strategies.

For particular landscapers located in places with seasonality (such as the Midwest), we recommend starting to plan their handwritten mailers over Winter. At the same time, they are downtown and can really evaluate their goals.

The most accessible place to start is with their existing landscaping clients who need a Spring clean up, re-mulch, or enrollment in their yard maintenance programs. Then, right before the start of the season, we will do a secondary mailer that could combine an offer on one side and a handwritten, personal message on the other. Short and succinct is the strategy for the message on this side, as the goal is often to get them to make the call (not convert to a paying customer).

For other landscapers who work year-round, we can time and deliver their handwritten direct mail to buffer slower times. There are endless use cases for robotic handwritten cards for landscaping companies.

Direct Mail Campaigns for Roofing Companies

Roofers, especially residential roofing companies, benefit most from robotic handwritten cards. We can help roofing companies target specific neighborhoods where there may be hail and the opportunity to stand out among competitors because many roofing companies are mobilizing their marketing and targeted ads. Still, only some (if any) will consider handwritten direct mailers as part of their strategy.

Ghosthandwriter has responded very quickly in these instances, sending up to 2,000 cards in a matter of days after a storm. We’ve worked with roofing companies to obtain targeted mailing lists, clean up the list, and mail the campaign out within a few days of their engagement with us.

Roofers have also used our handwritten cards to gather client reviews, send thank-you notes, and contact insurance agents in mass.


These few popular industries have used robotic handwritten cards to help with their direct mailers. We can pivot with any industry or strategy and usually turn around projects faster than expected.

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