Why Do Handwritten Cards Cost More Than Direct Mail?

We get it.

Handwritten cards are more expensive than printing and fulfillment for a 5×7 direct mailer flyer. We’ve given out pricing for our products, and every so often, someone responds, “These are more than I thought.”

For those who prefer to use lower per-unit costs, the strategy is centered around “shotgun marketing.” (This involves a high dispersion of marketing material to a broad, semi-targeted group of individuals.)

It may work well for your business and produce a high ROI.

Those who choose our robotic handwritten cards approach marketing differently. Quality over quantity comes through our personalizing each card, using specific fonts to appeal to your demographic and strategic timing.

GhostHandwriter goes to great lengths to ensure that the cards are ultra-personalized, and we try to incorporate as many unique identifiers as possible for the recipient. The effort and planning would cost more than traditional direct or print mail marketing.

Direct Mail Marketing vs. Handwritten Cards Marketing

Both approaches are correct, and our goal as a robotic handwritten card company is not necessarily to win everyone over to us.

If you can objectively measure your results and the ROI of direct print marketing that makes sense for your business, campaigns, or non-profit, then we suggest you continue that route.

Alternatively, if you’ve seen lackluster results or a decreasing ROI, it may be an opportune time to change course.

What If I Hired You For Handwritten Cards?

“How does it work?” is often the question prospective or newly signed clients ask.

We start with the end goal in mind.

Are you looking for lead generation? Client retention? Donor engagement?

From there, we formulate a plan for obtaining the mailing list- sometimes coming directly from you or sourcing from another data list provider (or sometimes manually curated).

Then, we choose our design strategy. Based on the end goal, there are many psychological nuances to consider. During this time, we also work with you on the messaging, including length, font style, pen color, and more.

Once we have the physical assets in hand- greeting cards, postcards, letterheads, etc.- we run a test card to get your approval before doing the entire thing. This ensures that you know exactly how the piece will appear to your campaign recipients.

Why Handwritten Cards Work?

We understand many people receive stacks of flyers approximately the same size- nothing stands out.

However, nestled among a stack of double-sided, full-color flyers sits a handwritten note strategically sized like a greeting card.

This will likely pique their curiosity and get them to engage in the piece.

Once opened, the goal is to get someone to respond somehow. Some clients hope the recipient will make a call, send an email, or scan a QR code. Sometimes, we incorporate multiple call-to-actions in each piece.

How Do I Get Started with GhostHandwriter?

It’s easy. Email hello@ghosthandwriter.com or book a complimentary call to determine if we are a good fit for your project.

(It’s ok if we’re not!)

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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