Why We Haven’t Bought a Stuffing Machine Yet

As we continue to grow GhostHandwriter.com we’ve been told that we should “just buy a stuffing machine because it would make things go faster.”

I’m sure that’s true to an extent and certainly many other robotic handwritten card services have done so for the sake of efficiency.

But here’s why we haven’t yet…

Quality Assurance and Control

Robots are prone to error (have you seen The Incredibles yet???) and therefore sometimes words get cut off on cards, things are printed upside down, or ink runs out.

Stuffing machines weren’t designed to do quality control for this.

Even in the book “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel he talks about the combined use of humans and technology. The example he gave was a government software they helped designed that “flagged” for discrepancies in a sytem and then a human would manually review the error.

The result? A highly efficient and quality-oriented process.

Higher Impact Card Campaigns

Do you realize that many stuffing machines work best with the window in the envelopes? That’s because the “to” field is printed directly on the trifold sheet inside.

This isn’t a problem in and of itself but it screams “junk” and goes directly into the trash pile.

The difference with GhostHandwriter? Our envelopes are also written by the machines and therefore it requires matching the name on the card with the corresponding name on the envelope.

This is particularly effective for lead generation campaigns since it’s completely personalized on the inside and outside.

Furthermore, by manually applying QR codes or stamps, we’re applying the human element by giving off the slightest imperfections in application.

This makes it a hybrid approach that captures the best of both worlds. The efficiency of a robotic writing machine combined with a human touch.


Just to be clear, we’re not saying we would NEVER buying an envelope stuffing machine, however, we haven’t found one that will meet the specifications we discussed above.

We would never forfeit quality for the sake of efficiency and it’s more important that your handwritten campaign brings you results than for us to maximize our bottom line.

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