The Psychology and Power of the Color Blue

“What Color Should I Write With?” or “What Type of Pen Should I Use?” are some of the most common questions we get asked when we’re setting up a project.

There’s a science to picking a color to do your card campaign.

A little back story….several years ago I was commissioned by a client to do color research for them in the process of rebranding.

It was a fascinating project because I hadn’t given too much to color choices and their implications, however, that is no longer the case. I started thinking about major brands and how often the color blue appeared on logos.

Did you know that the most popular logo for the Fortune 500 companies is the color blue? By a long shot.

  • Ford
  • Visa
  • Paypal
  • Facebook/Meta
  • Salesforce
  • HP

These are just a few companies that use blue as their primary logo color.

Another interesting fact is that most people say that blue is their favorite color. So what’s the science behind that?

Color psychology was first studied by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666 when it was discovered that there was a distinct correlation between color and the effects on our mood.

According to the chart from the same blog post, blue tends to communicate Trust, Peace, Loyalty, and Competence. Basically all things you want prospective clients to associate with your brand.


In the book the E-Myth by Michael Gerber he states “…our clients have consistently discovered, blue suits outsell brown suits!”

Furthermore, in this article by Canva they analyzed the logos of the Fortune 500 companies and “Blue is by far the most popular choice of logo color for these companies….Blue is an inoffensive color, a safe but sophisticated hue. And for companies that wish to convey security—say, those in Finance, Tech, Health or Insurance—blue does an admirable job.”

This is just a small sampling of the effects of blue. Is it any wonder we recommend you write with a blue pen? Is it any wonder why the GhostHandwriter logo is blue?

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