How Often Should I Send Handwritten Cards?

Just like any form of communication to clients and prospects- you want to time and space things just right.

The rule of thumb is to create a bit of diversification in communication- especially if you’re offering a high touch, relational business.

So when it comes to frequency of letters here are some recommendations on how often you should send handwritten cards:

Send it Complementary to Other Forms of Communication

For instance, if you have several prospects in the sales funnel and phone calls/emails have produced no response, it may be time to consider a handwritten campaign.

One of the benefits of a handwritten card is that you’re engaging in multi-sensory marketing which includes sight and touch (unlike email which is merely sight and phone calls which is merely sounds).

Send it in Conjunction with Upcoming Events, Milestones, or Campaigns

A handwritten, personalized card has statistically been shown to have a 99% opening rate which means that if you want to communicate an upcoming event (gala, golf outing, etc.), milestone (grand opening, 10th year in business, etc.) , or with some other campaign (fundraising, etc.) then you can be almost certain that the intended message will be received and digested.

The beauty of this is that you’re a human, I’m a human* and therefore we can make some assumptions how we would respond if we receive a handwritten invitation to a fundraising event over getting the same information in email, Facebook invite, or event printed newsletter format.

*Unless you’re not a human and a Google bot reading this article for indexing.

Spacing Out Lead Generation Cards

Lastly, depending on the proximity of the lead generation campaign it makes sense to “spread it out”. We recently finished a batch of 500 cards for a home services business and encouraged them to send them out at a rate of 50-100 cards each week instead of all at once.

The psychology behind this is that it mimics a human handwritten campaign simply through timing.


There are likely other considerations we haven’t thought through with handwritten letter frequency, however, that’s why each campaign created with us is personalized and customized to each client and your goals.

Want to geek out some more about handwriting psychology? Email and let’s talk shop!

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