The “Principal-Agent” Dilemma with Some Handwritten Companies

When I was in college, I learned of a concept called the “Principal-Agent” problem which basically states that there are situations where there is an interest of conflict between the principal/owner and the agent/service provider.

The underlying theory is that most people are motivated by self-interest, so they choose to benefit themselves if they can.

For instance, it’s commonly used to compare the relationship between lawyer and client. The longer-standing the legal dispute (potentially fueled by lawyers of either party- or both!), the more billable time is accrued for the client. So, yes, the lawyer is “serving” the client by providing services but potentially extending unnecessary services to advantage themselves.

This is how many handwritten card companies operate. Some sell you low-priced, high-quantity orders, and others require yearlong retainers to take advantage of equitable pricing.

Neither model benefits the client.

As I’ve always understood, when you serve people well at a fair price with exceptional service, all parties benefit significantly from this exchange.

The client will receive exceptional products and services, and the company will save money in the long run in marketing and client acquisition costs (because former clients become brand ambassadors).

It’s really that simple.

When you hire GhostHandwriter, we are less motivated by the number of cards you sell. Instead, we want each campaign to have a meaningful impact measured by a % of the response. You’ll see us shine through the personalized attention to your campaign through strategy and communication.

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