How the GhostHandwriter Cards Mimic Human Handwritten Cards Better

One of the things we get asked often when we start to tell people about GhostHandwriter is:

“Does it look like real handwriting?”

And the simple answer is Yes. It looks like human handwriting because it is human handwriting.

All of our fonts were created by human handwriting and manually traced into the software as vector files that can scale in size. Additionally, there are about 3-5 variations of each letter (lowercase and uppercase) that the software uses at random and connects at random, creating a truly unique card each time.

How is GhostHandwriter different than other Handwritten Card Services?

There are really 3 strategies that we incorporate for clients that other handwriting services may not use including:

  1. Abbreviations

    When writing out addresses, we consider how actual human beings write because we, too, are human beings. This includes writing “Ave.” instead of “Avenue” or doing “#300” for “Suite 300” (or even “Ste.” if the client prefers)

    Because in truth, humans are lazy efficient creatures and we like to use shortcuts where we can.

  2. Human Created Lists

    We use actual humans to generate the lists and break down as much information into Spreadsheet columns as possible to personalize each letter. This is especially true for lead generation because nothing is quite a campaign buzzkill as a low response rate due to lack of specifics.

    And even if you provide us a list, we will comb through it to ensure that it closely mimics human abbreviations (see above).

  3. Strategy for Sendoff

    Once the physical parts of the project are done (cards are printed, sealed, and stamped) there is strategy for timing the delivery just right for maximum response. This includes the day of the week/month or season of the year to consider.

    Additionally, there are some instances where it makes more sense to ship in batches instead of all at once.

We recognize there are a lot of handwriting service companies out there that offer similar technology, however, it’s truly in the tiny details that can help achieve your goals.

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