Handwritten Envelopes for Higher Direct Mail Opening Rates

Most people opt for a standard 6.5×9 direct mail flyer when sending direct mail.

There is nothing wrong with that; however, one quick glance and it will join the pile of other 6.5×9 flyers and go directly into the recycling bin.

The Problem with Large Direct Mail Flyers

Most direct mail marketing companies will sell you on getting the most oversized flyer for the lowest cost. That makes sense. 

You want to fit as many pictures and as much information as possible.

I think otherwise, though.

What if inundating your prospective clients with every possible selling point allows them to make a one-sided decision without contacting your company. What if, instead, the goal of a direct mail flyer should be to pique enough interest so that the prospect takes the next step? Whether scanning a QR code, making a phone call or sending a text.

It’s the paradox of quality and quantity.

I’d recommend a stronger, impactful, and concise message over a “shotgun” approach of information overload with the hopes that something resonates.

If you’re in the process of designing a new direct mail flyer, I would HIGHLY encourage you to chant “less is more” over and over again. With humans having an attention span shorter than a goldfish, brevity reigns as King.

Combining it with Handwritten Envelopes

Once you have a polished and concise flyer, it’s time to think about getting it in front of your eyes.

I’ve already written at length why handwritten envelopes have a higher opening rate than their counterparts.

Now imagine instead of doing a handwritten card (primarily what we offer), you keep the same direct mail flyer but tuck it inside an envelope with a handwritten address.

Would it stand out among other direct mail pieces?


Would it have a higher opening and view rate?

Without a doubt.

So keep the marketing piece and forget the handwritten card. Add a handwritten envelope to your campaign to increase the opening and viewing rate.

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