The 3 Components of Effective Direct Mail

If you’ve ever sent a flyer, mailer, envelope, or anything to an audience there are really three things that you should be thinking through.

1. Open/View Rate

Much like curb appeal to a home going on the market, the whole campaign hinges on a high opening rate or view rate. Because all the creative wisdom, copy, design inside the envelope or on a flyer means absolutely nothing if you can’t get someone to look at it.

2. Intrigue and Curiosity

One of the biggest pitfalls in direct mail that I’ve seen is information overload- particularly for local businesses that really have no ad agency or experienced marketer helping them navigate the psychology of design, content, and placement.

In many direct mailers I’ve received, every feature or benefit is the selling point and there is no clear singular value proposition.

The mailer has to be effective in being interesting enough and succinct enough that you create intrigue and curiosity in your product, service, event, etc.

Because this leads to the next point…

3. Call to Take Action

Very rarely (if ever) does a direct mail piece want you to do nothing. There’s always a next step and if your recipient doesn’t take the next step then it could mean it was unclear, uninteresting, or unrelatable. When I say “take action” that could mean:

  • Redeeming an offer
  • Scanning a QR code to learn more info
  • Donating to a cause
  • Voting for a cause or person
  • Booking a consultation
  • Scheduling an assessment

Combined with a high-quality mailing list, your direct mail piece could be a highly effective way to convert for your business or organization. Obbbbviously, we would steer you towards robotic handwritten cards because we can help ensure that all 3 elements of effective direct mail are met.

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