What is a better alternative to SendOutCards?

If you’ve used any professional service, such as a financial advisor, insurance broker, or realtor, chances are you’ve received a Send Out Card before.

I understand that SendOutCards are pre-designed cards with pre-templated messaging printed on them, which could include a printed signature. It’s been a minute since I received one, so I’m pulling this directly from memory.

I know realtors have used SendOutCards to automatically contact customers on birthdays, anniversaries, etc., or to thank them for their business.

I admit. Sending out some cards is probably better than not sending anything; however, receiving a send-out card feels impersonal and robotic. As a receiver of one in the past, it has come in a reasonably generic design with a fairly generic message and a “signature” from my service provider.

For those who have used this service for outreach, did you realize there’s a better alternative to SendOutCards?

Enter GhostHandwriter Robotic Handwritten Cards.

So, I’ll highlight the differences between our services and Send Out Card instead of discussing what we do.

Written with an Actual Ballpoint Pen

Our cards and messaging are not run through a printing machine but rather a handwriting machine that holds a ballpoint pen and has some of the inflections of human handwriting. Outside of using a standard pen, we can use any color and writing utensils (gel pens, anyone?).

Customizable Card and Strategy

We can help create a card depending on your campaign’s goal. We use AI technology (along with our best judgment) to create a message with the highest impact. We consider factors such as message length, delivery timing, call to action, and more.

Nuanced Customizable Font

I understand that SendOutCards offers custom font and a reasonably quick turnaround time. Many other places can turn your handwriting into a custom font, but here’s the catch.

Human handwriting is exceptionally nuanced. We don’t write all our letters the same each time, and how we connect letters together will vary from word to word (this is called ligature).

This is where we stand ahead of these services because, through a tedious fine-tuning process, we account for these human elements when creating your font. We manually run several variations of each letter and several variations of words and sentences to ensure the handwriting looks as legitimate as possible.

You wouldn’t assume that all car dealers sell the same quality of vehicles, so you would do well to assume that not all font-creating services have the same quality.


So, if you’re looking for a better alternative to SendOutCards, we would love to show you how robotic handwriting services can be. Book a free consultation or fill out an inquiry.

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